Hacked By A Bored but Creative Pole

Sometime last night, a very bored  Polish individual decided to write and then publish a post in Polish on my Lin Wilder site. In case you are curious, the headline was: Troska o fasadę oraz czystość which translates to: “Concern for the facade and the cleanliness.” The remainder of the content was advertising copy for a company called Graffiti … [Read more]

Power, Women and Mary

I have spent most of my life learning what power is not.  Like many perhaps most of women somewhere around my age, those of us growing up during the sixties, I eschewed the notion of living the life of the older women I grew up around- housewives and mothers. And was determined to accomplish. To … [Read more]

Working With Editors: Six Tips For Inexperienced Novelists

After working with five editors in the course of publishing my last five books, I have learned the essential elements of establishing a good relationship between my editor and me. Like most lessons, many have been learned through mistakes, some very costly. Since I doubt that my experience is unique, I ‘ll detail the lessons … [Read more]

The Labor of Obedience

Obedience: For many years, the word was a lightning rod to me. The concept connoted all that I disliked about being female: Powerless, submissive, conformance, passivity and the like.  But then I became a Christian Catholic and a few years later, an Oblate of St. Benedict. And that word, like so many others in the … [Read more]