The Truce Between God and Us

Since 1974, we Catholics begin the new year celebrating the Queen of Peace. New Year’s Day is the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God. Benedictine Oblates also begin a new read of the Rule of Benedict. Each four months, we Benedictine Oblates read through the seventy- three chapter Rule of Benedict. Our daily … [Read more]

The Walls of Our Unbelief

It was 1918. The young intellectual was nervous about her upcoming visit to Anne, the widow of Adolf Reinach, killed at the 1917 Battle of Flanders. How could she offer comfort? What could she say? Reinach had been a fellow scholar at the University of Freiberg, an assistant to the great philosopher, the ‘master’ Edmond Husserl. … [Read more]

The Work of Advent- More Challenging in 2016

Wake up! Rejoice! On Gaudete Sunday, the liturgical colors lighten from the deep purple of Advent to a lovely rose, signaling the coming exultation of this season of silence, of waiting and therefore of patience. Already in the third week of Advent, we have heard repeated variations on the theme of awakening from John the … [Read more]