It’s Done! Now What?

Finally, your first or maybe fifth book is done. All that work, concentration and discipline over, done! For a time we feel exhilaration, relief and pride. But only for a while. Maybe it will be weeks, days or merely hours but inevitably, we’ll hear that voice, “Now what?” Recently I completed a non-fiction book I … [Read more]

Rethinking Martha, Of Mary and Martha

I have always sided with Martha, in defense of her valid complaint against her lazy sister, sitting on her virtual backside while Martha cooks and serves what was most likely a sizable crowd. The Lord was generally accompanied by large groups of people. Imagine suddenly learning that you need to cook for twenty of thirty … [Read more]

Preaching to the Choir

Deacon Emilio gripped the sides of the Ambo, hard, I could see his knuckles whiten. “I am preaching to the choir.” Smiling uncomfortably, “And how beautifully does this choir sing…but God wants more from you, wants you to sing louder…God wants more from you, much more…it’s getting worse out there…” I was transfixed by his … [Read more]

The Atheist and The Martyr

The atheist, Robert Bolt, the martyr, Sir Thomas More, and I met in a Houston college classroom decades ago. Last Thursday, we Catholics celebrated the feast day of St. Thomas More, rekindling the friendship I feel with playwright Robert Bolt and his man for all seasons, St. Thomas More. And for at least the fifth … [Read more]