The Ancient Wisdom of Stability

Stability: It’s an intriguing noun. Many lifetimes ago, I used it all the time to refer to critically ill patients, not as a noun but as as adverb upon naming all the physiologic parameters used to measure the cardiac and pulmonary status of critically ill patients under my care, “He’s been stable for the last … [Read more]

At the Boundary of Doubt: Faith

In listening to snippets of conversations at the gym, after daily Mass or casual conversations with other vacationers here in Pismo Beach, I hear the same anxieties, doubts and fears. Whether the subject is gang violence, terrorism or the upcoming presidential election, the sense of desperation mixed with cynicism is almost tangible. It can be … [Read more]

The Delicate Balance of Idleness and Work

Idleness is the enemy of the soul. When I first read that opening sentence of Chapter 48 of the Rule of Benedict, I recognized my paraphrased ¬†internal maxim created long ago: Boredom is a cancer of the soul. As a Benedictine oblate, I read through the Rule three times per year. One would think that … [Read more]

It’s Done! Now What?

Finally, your first or maybe fifth book is done. All that work, concentration and discipline over, done! For a time we feel exhilaration, relief and pride. But only for a while. Maybe it will be weeks, days or merely hours but inevitably, we’ll hear that voice, “Now what?” Recently I completed a non-fiction book I … [Read more]