The Lord by Romano Guardini

I had planned to read The Lord for my Lenten reading. But when Lent had come and gone and I had read maybe thirty or thirty-five pages, I realized that six weeks was  nowhere near enough to read this extraordinary work. Only last week did I complete the 630th page. Six months and a few … [Read more]

Killing the Monster

Each time I finish a book, I think of Winston Churchill’s famed quote about the phases of writing. The one beginning with this sentence: Writing is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy and an amusement. And ends…”you kill the monster and fling him to the public.” This time, the monster has teeth, big sharp … [Read more]

Ever Seen an Angel?

“I stood here in line to wait to talk with you because I thought you should know there were four angels standing behind you during your entire talk.” Dazed by her words, I just nodded and thanked her.  Because she was right, there was a line of women standing there, wanting to speak with me … [Read more]

Hacked By A Bored but Creative Pole

Sometime last night, a very bored  Polish individual decided to write and then publish a post in Polish on my Lin Wilder site. In case you are curious, the headline was: Troska o fasadę oraz czystość which translates to: “Concern for the facade and the cleanliness.” The remainder of the content was advertising copy for a company called Graffiti … [Read more]