Conclave- Robert Harris’ New Novel of Power and Intrigue Conclave is the best of Robert Harris’ novels, high praise because Harris is an excellent writer of historical fiction. Each of his books reveals the writer’s journalistic background: Rich in detail and imagery, Harris’ extensive research for each story is evident. Conclave is all of that but much more. This story is riveting, sympathetic … [Read more]

The Prodigal Son Or the Older Brother? For converts like me, the story of the prodigal son evokes a tsunami of emotion: gratitude, relief, sorrow and recognition are only a few. But upon reflecting on the well-known parable that Jesus tells the complaining Pharisees and scribes, I began to think about the older brother with an entirely different lens. Rather than … [Read more]

Consequences of Tepid Christianity: The Boston Marathon Bomber’s Widow

AP File Photo of Katherine Russell I saw Peter Berg’s recently released film, Patriots Day over a month ago. Of the many heroes portrayed in this movie, there is just one person who has taken up residence in my memory. She is a minor character, the woman now known as the “Boston Marathon Bombers widow.” … [Read more]