If You Are Unhappy and —-It’s Your Fault

Do an online search of the most popular topics for blog posts and you’ll find happiness to be among the top ten. But that isn’t the way to conceive of happiness. We need to change our way of thinking about happiness by coming at it through the back door and talk about unhappiness. By approaching … [Read more]

The End of Work?

Ever since the industrial revolution, futurists have been forecasting the end of work. Recently, journalist Derek Thompson wrote in Atlantic Monthly about the immanence of widespread joblessness from the perspective of Youngstown, Ohio. For most of the last century, Youngstown boasted one of the more prosperous economies in the country, mostly due to the flourishing … [Read more]

Prayer and Writing-Three Parallels

Prayer and writing seem like two completely different activities, perhaps even opposed to one another. Unless we think a little more deeply about what is required of a writer and by one who prays.  In order to do so we need to understand that both involve work. And it’s fitting to reflect on work- it … [Read more]

Three Surprising Elements of Creativity

Creativity is something most of us cannot get enough of, right? Because each day we are placed in situations requiring us to be inventive, imaginative, innovative.  Whether a stay- at- home- mom, engineer, salesperson, mechanic, or a writer, we are immersed in situations which require imaginative responses. Angry customers, bored kids, touchy husbands and new … [Read more]