The West Ablaze- With Wildflowers

  The west is ablaze. The wildflowers in California are ablaze with wildflowers, not with wildfires but flowers. The blooms along the west coast are so intense they can be seen from space! But the long drought is also over in the nearby high desert of the Pinion mountains of northern Nevada. Around seven on Friday … [Read more]

The Good Shepherd

On this Feast of the Good Shepherd, I think of a hike I took up in the mountains behind our home here in the high desert about two years ago. The lone lamb suddenly appeared in the brush and then raced  into the high desert running as fast as she could, both  dogs close to … [Read more]

The Lure of Giving Up

I realized that I never got to the fundamental reason that I so liked  the film Tomorrowland in a recent post. And decided that it had to do with giving up, or rather the lure of giving up. Due to some recent conversations with a dear friend, I began to think about the reality my friend lives in, one which persuades him that he can do nothing about his deteriorating health except take more and more pills, spend increasing time waiting in doctors offices for a new prescription and results of new Read more [...]

A Grief Revisited

Not infrequently, we associate grief with a particular date, room, or specific place. ‘He died on this day’, or ‘she passed at this place’, ‘in this room’ and the day, the place or the room is altered, perhaps forever. “I hate this place.” Surprised, my friend Ed asked why. “I see him everywhere I look,” … [Read more]