The West Ablaze- With Wildflowers

  The west is ablaze. The wildflowers in California are ablaze with wildflowers, not with wildfires but flowers. The blooms along the west coast are so intense they can be seen from space! But the long drought is also over in the nearby high desert of the Pinion mountains of northern Nevada. Around seven on Friday … [Read more]

50 Days- Alleluia Is Our Cry

“We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our cry,” wrote St. Augustine over 1500 years ago. Pentecost, fifty days of joyful celebration of the Resurrection of Christ ended  yesterday. Today the liturgy of the Christian Church returns to ‘ordinary time.’ Gone are the red vestments, the lilies adorning the alter and the red clothes … [Read more]

St Paul, The Galations and Me

  “You stupid, senseless Galations!” One of the last Divine Office readings before Ash Wednesday is from St. Paul’s Letter to the Galations. He minces no words and we can practically see the spittle collecting at the sides of his mouth as we read the Apostle’s exhortations. Paul is admonishing the new community in the … [Read more]

The End of Work?

Ever since the industrial revolution, futurists have been forecasting the end of work. Recently, journalist Derek Thompson wrote in Atlantic Monthly about the immanence of widespread joblessness from the perspective of Youngstown, Ohio. For most of the last century, Youngstown boasted one of the more prosperous economies in the country, mostly due to the flourishing … [Read more]

A Year of Mercy?

Young parents of a six month old baby murder fourteen and injure twenty-two. Eight men, an ISIS kamikaze terror squad, dressed in suicide belts and armed with AK 47’s mow down over one hundred thirty and injure 350 at the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris. To date,  there have been 298 murderous attacks by religious … [Read more]