The West Ablaze- With Wildflowers

  The west is ablaze. The wildflowers in California are ablaze with wildflowers, not with wildfires but flowers. The blooms along the west coast are so intense they can be seen from space! But the long drought is also over in the nearby high desert of the Pinion mountains of northern Nevada. Around seven on Friday … [Read more]

Silence: Apostacy, Jesuit Priests, 17th Century Japan

Last December, the movie Silence opened to a conflicting maze of reviews. Some greatly praising the film and others exceedingly critical of the tale of the ‘apostate Jesuit priests’ of seventeenth century Japan. I watched it three days ago and am still pondering its meaning. The film is gripping and relentless. Both intensity and portent … [Read more]

Consequences of Tepid Christianity: The Boston Marathon Bomber’s Widow

AP File Photo of Katherine Russell I saw Peter Berg’s recently released film, Patriots Day over a month ago. Of the many heroes portrayed in this movie, there is just one person who has taken up residence in my memory. She is a minor character, the woman now known as the “Boston Marathon Bombers widow.” … [Read more]

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Cardinal Sarah

With a name like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, who could resist? I had not heard about the book series by author Ransom Riggs, but within five minutes of watching the new movie, it is evident that the movie originated from a book. A good one. Reminiscent of the Harry Potter stories, this one … [Read more]