The West Ablaze- With Wildflowers

  The west is ablaze. The wildflowers in California are ablaze with wildflowers, not with wildfires but flowers. The blooms along the west coast are so intense they can be seen from space! But the long drought is also over in the nearby high desert of the Pinion mountains of northern Nevada. Around seven on Friday … [Read more]

Thinking About Forgiveness- Again

“So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Not the words of a wimp or a phrase from one who has no experience with hatred, intolerance, misogyny, racism or any of the long list of human weakness, sin and flaws, the meaning of Christ’s words cannot be misinterpreted. In his book Mere Christianity, … [Read more]

9 Lessons Tom Brady Has Taught Me

Back in another career, my third, I ‘met’ Brady. Everything was brand new: The marriage, the career, the faith and football. It was 2002. January and my new husband insisted I watch the Playoffs between his beloved Patriots and Oakland. We were living in Connecticut, cold, snowy Connecticut. I’d decided to leave my career in … [Read more]

The Walls of Our Unbelief

It was 1918. The young intellectual was nervous about her upcoming visit to Anne, the widow of Adolf Reinach, killed at the 1917 Battle of Flanders. How could she offer comfort? What could she say? Reinach had been a fellow scholar at the University of Freiberg, an assistant to the great philosopher, the ‘master’ Edmond Husserl. … [Read more]