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Living Your Life or Someone Else’s?

Ever asked yourself that question? Are you living your life or someone else’s? Silly question? And thinking it impossible to live another’s life? Humor me. For just a few minutes, please. From childhood, we learn by mimicking, listening, reading, studying the words and actions of others. We learn too from experimenting with tools, ideas and attitudes: … [Read more]

My Dog Shadow and Prayer for the Care of Creation

“When he looks at me, it feels as if he sees straight through to my soul.” The vet was commenting on my dog Shadow’s face like so many who can see the purity, wisdom and dignity of this beautiful animal who adopted us about 12 or 13 years ago. A gaze which stops your heart. … [Read more]

3 Thoughts on Work-Whether Writing Medical Mysteries or Babysitting New Grandchild

3 thoughts on work…maybe not a topic you want to think about on a Sunday, or any day? Dreams of retirement being far more alluring. Or is retirement all that it’s cracked up to be? I think not.  Here are my 3 thoughts on work: Our bodies need work. The data revealing the protective effects … [Read more]

Child, have none told you? God is in your soul!

Child, have none told you? God is in your soul. That line, that stunning, arresting line is from a poem by Jessica Powers. Remember the Hallmark cards of a couple of decades ago? That is how I remembered Jessica Powers until today.  August 18, the anniversary of her death in 1988. When I learned that Powers … [Read more]

Love: I Know Nothing About It

“Love: I know nothing about it.” My statement was in reply to a priest who had asked if anything was wrong.  Mass had ended and there I sat, alone in the big, cold New England Catholic Church. Staring at the quintessence of agony: the crucified Christ. Instead of coming to console with words or presence, … [Read more]