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The Reluctant Queen
The Story of Esther

About four or six weeks ago, I sent the first draft of my newest book, The Reluctant Queen-The Story of Esther– to my four readers. These four people are generous enough to read the word document online and tell me what they think. It’s not editing I want from them. Instead I’m looking for honest reactions by people who love reading a great story.

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“In The Reluctant Queen: The Story of Esther, a legendary tale takes on a new form and a new world opens up for readers to navigate. The inner worlds of the characters, especially Esther, are brilliantly written, the conflict is stellar, and the spiritual climates of the story are transporting.



Lin Wilder has a doctorate in Public Health from the UT Houston with a background in cardiopulmonary physiology, medical ethics, and hospital administration. During her thirty-plus years in academic health care administration, Lin authored numerous texts in these fields.

She began writing fiction only after leaving her Hospital Director position at UMASS Medical Center. Since then, Lin’s been the recipient of an extensive array of awards for her two series of novels. Her medical mystery series include: The Fragrance Shed By A Violet, Do You Solemnly Swear? A Price for Genius and Malthus Revisited. Plausible Liars, the fifth in the Dr. Lindsey McCall mystery series, is scheduled for release in the late spring of 2022.

Lin’s ancient novel series includes I, Claudia, and My Name is Saul. The third in that series, and her latest novel, The Reluctant Queen, took first place for historical and religious fiction in Feathered Quill’s Best Books of 2022. In addition, her memoir, Finding the Narrow Path, recounts her journey away from God and back again.

Lin lives in the Texas hill country with her husband and dogs.

Signed copies of her books can be purchased at In addition, her weekly blog ranks in the top 100 Christian blogs and book reviews.



March 26, 2023

Deeply Invested in Blindness: We Are All Jews Now

Deeply invested in blindness: we are all Jews now. The sobering, jolting truth of a phase penned by Liel Liebowitz: we are all Jews now, shouts out to us. “Maybe it was the spirited conversation, or maybe just the spirits served liberally throughout the evening, but at some point I turned to my friends, raised my glass, and made a toast. “Mazal tov,” I said. “You’re all Jews now.” The line got a big laugh, but I was being serious. Growing up in what, until five or six years ago, felt like a very different America, my friends had no […]
March 19, 2023

A Journey of Forgiveness: Our Life on Earth

A journey of forgiveness “Our life on earth is a journey of forgiveness,” declared Fr. Paul at the St. Matthew’s Tuesday 6am daily Mass. Commenting on the Gospel for last Tuesday, the priest spoke of a recent experience with a parishioner following the sacrament of reconciliation. He told the contrite young man, “I see Jesus in you. Yes, I see Our Lord in your repentance and love for His Law.” At hearing the priest’s words, the penitent began to sob, Fr. Paul said. Then, looking out at each of us as, he observed, “Often, the one we need most to […]
March 12, 2023

Do We Know How to Pray?

Do we know how to pray? The blue-jacketed 40 Days for Life prayer warrior approached the driver of the car leaving the San Antonio Planned Parenthood building with her small pink bag of free gifts. I watched as the young woman’s face contorted in rage. Rolling down her window and using her middle finger as emphasis to words I didn’t need to hear, she shouted at Racquel. Then angrily drove away. Walking back to where I stood praying, Racquel was smiling. “It’s all good. I’ve done worse. I used to be there, too. One day she’ll see.” Indeed. Prayer is […]
March 5, 2023

Whatever’s Happening: Make it Holy!

Whatever’s Happening: Make it holy It is wonderful to be alive in asmuch as our true life is the life beyond; otherwise whocould bear the burden of this life if there weren’t a prizefor suffering, an eternal joy; how could one explainthe admirable resignation of so many poor creatureswho struggle with life and often die in the breach if itweren’t for the certainty of God’s justice?… My life is monotonous, but every day I understandbetter what a grace it is to be Catholic. Poor unluckythose who don’t have a faith: to live without a faith, without a patrimony to defend, […]
February 26, 2023

Give Up Nothing for Lent!

Give up nothing for Lent! A good title gets our attention and this one sure does grab. It’s Father Casey Cole’s exhortation as we begin what our Byzantine friends call The Great Fast: Give up nothing for Lent! Fr. Casey’s point applies to those of us thinking of Lent as a time to give up our morning cup of coffee. And make everyone around us miserable. Deprive ourselves of things to make us uncomfortable. Maybe giving up social media or desserts. Or chocolate. Or…? Fr. Casey looks earnestly at us as he entreats: “Please. “Stop giving up things for Lent….Giving […]
February 19, 2023

The Right Not to Know: Advice from Solzhenitsen

The right not to know Since I’m an admirer of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I’ve used excerpts from his speeches and books, for articles about his riveting observations. Many of his comments feel relevent, almost urgently so, although they were penned decades ago. This one: the right not to know, is another of the Russian’s remarks that seems to leap off the page and into our living rooms. In 1978, former Soviet political prisoner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn gave a speech at Harvard University entitled, “A World Split Apart,” in which he spoke about individual and social fragmentation. In his assessment, a significant cause […]


Claudia Procula - wife of one of the most controversial figures in ancient history - comes alive to twenty-first-century readers in a groundbreaking novel.

Top Shelf Reviews (5 stars)

Wilder (The Fragrance Shed by a Violet) provides a fresh, entertaining take on one of the lesser-known women of the Bible: Claudia Procula, daughter of the last Oracle of Pythia in Delphi and wife of Lucius Pontius Pilate. Told from their alternating perspectives, the story begins with Claudia recognizing in adolescence that she is gifted with premonitions and a knack for academics. Meanwhile, Lucius distinguishes himself in battle… Wilder paints a vibrant portrait of biblical times in this enjoyable story


I love I, Claudia! This novel is a perfect blend of decription, emotion, expression, and historical connection. Reading from the shifting perspectives of Claudia and Lucius is instantly engaging...

Litpick Book

A simply riveting and truly memorable read from cover to cover, "My Name Is Saul" showcases author Lin Wilder's impressive literary gifts as a natural and accomplished storyteller...

Midwest Book Review

The historical research that went into this book is stunning. And for those like me who love history, it made it a book to remember and recommend for a long time to come. But what may be the most incredible thing is the fact that the author walks that thin line all writers know about without ever falling off.