My Name is Saul was released on Ash Wednesday to some very good reviews. a cool author interview, best book of the month award. and a neat LitPick book trailer. Litpick also did a lovely book trailer on I, Claudia. I, Claudia continues to accumulate  great reviews.

My new book, Plausible Liars, the fifth in the Dr. Lindsey McCall medical mystery series, feels like the most challenging novel I have ever written. Already, the Prologue has changed three times and the first 10,000 words overhauled considerably.

I am forcing myself to remember that when I made the switch to historical fiction with I, Claudia and subsequently My Name is Saul, I felt the same way: overwhelmed and frequently asking myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” But quite honestly, those memories do not help a whole lot. For it is here and now- early June- and my young protagonist, Zoey Carmichael is proving to be a formidable character, not only for me, but for Dr. Lindsey McCall and her compatriots. Here is the current working Prologue in case you want to take a peek.

I must tell you of my delight in writing about Lindsey and Rich’s two dogs, Max and Gus once again. Max is not very loosely based on our last remarkable red Dobie boy Ally, whom we lost far too soon while Gus is an excellent facsimile of our zany, inimitable Seymour.

As always, thanks for checking out About Lin Wilder!



about Lin Wilder Our red Dobie boy who lives in Max
Our beloved Ally who lives in Max

Shadow, our amazing dog Shadow. When we are down in Pismo, people frequently ask how old Shadow is. He is at least seventeen, maybe older and thankfully still happy and healthy. We’re not sure, because he moved in when he a starving puppy.

Shadow appears briefly in A Price for Genius and Seymour as Gus in Malthus Revisited, and in Plausible Liars.

about Lin Wilder
Our amazing dog Shadow
about Lin Wilder
This is Seymour

And here are my husband John, Ally and I in the gazebo where I love to write. Ally is the red Dobie boy we lost on a March evening who is in each of the Lindsey McCall books as Max.

about Lin Wilder

In case you’d like to read the current Foreward of My Name is Saul,, click here: Foreward My Name is Saul.