I, Claudia has received a NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award Winners for Winter 2019: Best book in historical fiction. And the next topic is My Name is Saul. Since I started writing Saul in the middle of January, and it is almost the first of June, you would think that I’d be close to halfway through the story.

However, that is not the case. For some reason, this young man eludes me still. I have poured through the fifteen or so books and articles found on his early life and childhood enough to learn there is next to nothing known about them. Other than the bare facts we know from his Gospels.

That’s a good thing because that means there is vast capacity for creative imagination. And a problem for the same reasons.

Once again, this is the time where patience, quiet, listening, and more patience are essential. Since this is my 7th book, those qualities are more accessible than when this adventure began, But there are days when writing one paragraph is the sole. And of late, there are some where it’s just one sentence.

As always, thanks for checking out About Lin Wilder!



Our amazing dog Shadow

Shadow, our amazing dog Shadow. When we are down in Pismo, people frequently ask how old Shadow is. He is at least fifteen, maybe older and thankfully still happy and healthy. We’re not sure because he moved in when he a starving puppy.

Shadow appears briefly in A Price for Genius and Seymour in Malthus Revisited, But his name is Gus in the book

This is Seymour

And here are my husband John, Ally and I in the gazebo where I love to write. Ally is the red Dobie boy we lost on a March evening who is in each of the Lindsey McCall books as Max.

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