I, Claudia is published.

Since we have the cover for My Name is Saul! I’m already working on my next novel of the ancient world

This new story of  of St. Paul’s early life requires some fairly rigorous study of mosaic law and history. With specific attention to some of the great minds of the Jewish ancient faith and traditions. Primary among them is Gamaliel a prominent Sanhedrin scholar and teacher of Saul. My stack of research books is growing by the week.

You may be wondering if this new direction into novels of the ancient world signifies the end of the Lindsey McCall mystery series. I think yes, at least at this point, I have written all I know about Lindsey, Rich and their world.

Of course, that could change. But these novels of the ancient world can potentially keep me busy until the day when I stop writing.

The new genre excites me because Judaism has long been a fascination. In fact, back during those days of believing in nothing at all, it was at a Jewish wedding where I put words to the unspoken thoughts that I needed a faith, tradition, one where I belonged. But that is another story!

As always, thanks for checking out About Lin Wilder!



Our amazing dog Shadow

Shadow, our amazing dog Shadow. When we are down in Pismo, people frequently ask how old Shadow is. He is at least fifteen, maybe older and thankfully still happy and healthy. We’re not sure because he moved in when he a starving puppy.

Shadow appears briefly in A Price for Genius and Seymour in Malthus Revisited, But his name is Gus in the book

This is Seymour

And here are my husband John, Ally and I in the gazebo where I love to write. Ally is the red Dobie boy we lost on a March evening who is in each of the Lindsey McCall books as Max.

In case you’d like to read the current Prologue and first two chapters of I, Claudia, click here: Prologue and 1st chapters, I, Claudia[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]