Remember when we were kids and time seemed to crawl? Not now, or for a long time for me. Now, the days and weeks fly by. It’s hard to believe that 2018 is half over…close enough anyway.

I, Claudia, is keeping me very busy, as promised. In the beginning this switch to historical fiction felt daunting. And the stack of research books far higher  than for previous novels. But then I learned that it’s no different, not really. It’s just that starting- anything- is always the toughest part.

Now that the cover is done I’m on track for a late fall release. The cover provides remarkable impetus. This one is another splendid creation by Nancy Cleary. When I saw that woman in red, I knew, this is Claudia!

I find it hard to keep up with Claudia and Lucius as they tell me their stories. Sometimes I cannot type fast enough. That’s a great place to be in the writing of a story.

By the way, Malthus Revisited has won another award. In addition to receiving the 2nd prize for the Feathered Quill 2018 Best Book Award in Women’s Fiction, Malthus was selected as best thriller in the Winter 2018 Pinnacle Awards. Cool, huh?

Here’s that cover. You’ll see, I think, that it’s perfect. Now I need to assure that the story matches the quality of the cover.

As always, thanks for checking out About Lin Wilder!

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Spring in the high desert means be careful. Very careful. Around 2 am last night, John was awakened by the unmistakable roar of a lion-he said it sounded as if a mother was teaching her cub to hunt. Very close to the house.

No surprise. This is a shot of the hike the dogs and I take in the mountains behind our house. It’s BLM land like more than 80% of Nevada. Home to mountain lions, bears, coyotes…not to us. Now they are having their babies, making this a dangerous time to hike.

Seymour, Shadow and I move quickly. And when the little guy acts like he’s getting nervousand wants to turn around and go back, we do.

Seymour-despite his lab heritage stays away from the stream.

This is Shadow up to knees in mud.

Writers tend to include their dogs in their stories. I am no different. Shadow appears in the 2nd of the Lindsey McCall series: Do You Solemnly Swear? While Seymour looks and behaves remarkably like Gus in Malthus Revisited. Max, the red Doberman in all the Lindsey books, looks and behaves a lot like our boy Ally who dropped dead on a heartbreaking March evening several years ago.

This summer, the boys and I plan to spend many hours in the gazebo, writing, reading and just being-with these splendid creatures who grace our high-desert home each summer.

Like this oriole…

and this western tanager:

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