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Thanks for checking out Lin’s Blog, my thoughts about life in the high desert here in the shadow of the Pine Nut Mountain range in northern Nevada.  Generally, I post weekly. On Sunday or Monday mornings. I tend to write about the things that are currently claiming my attention. Frequently, the topics are about faith, God, belief; the mystery of them. Occasionally, thoughts on work, exercise, and anecdotes about our life in these high desert mountains. It’s a great break from writing the Dr. Lindsey McCall mystery novels!

The high desert is very different from anywhere else I’ve ever lived; when we moved here, there was only sagebrush but after twelve years, our property has been transformed.

This is a year of snow, rain and more snow and rain. Flooding is predicted. But through previous years of endless drought, I know the effects of endless aridity on the creatures who share this land with us. Consequently, we are nothing but grateful for this 2017 wet winter.

2 deer

roses (2)

In August a few years ago, we were graced with periodic rainfall. A good friend took this photo from Sunrise Pass where the elevation soars to nine thousand feet above sea level. Ed called this photo Smith Valley, the name of our valley,  from Sunrise; the second through the fourth images are of mustangs- wild horses-  in Sunrise Pass enjoying  greener vegetation than is normally here in late summer.

Smith Valley Panorama from Sunrise

Sunrise Pass Mustangs1000

Sunrise Pass Mustangs1002

Sunrise Pass Mustangs1005


Back at our house that has been transformed over the fifteen years we have lived here, one can see what some have called an oasis or sacred space.


No longer does this small space resemble the high desert, not any more; it has been a real joy attracting so many varieties of birds due to all of the plants, shrubs and trees we have planted over the years we have been here. When it’s wet, we have seen some amazing beautiful birds like these spectacular yellow headed blackbirds who showed up daily during that wet July foraging at the Wilder bird restaurant.

images (1)

Of course, the flowing water throughout the landscaping is a powerful inducement to all kinds of creatures…like this great horned owl who hung out on the top of the gazebo for about 36 hours, several years ago.

Great horned owl on Gazebo  


But this is definitely the high desert. Simply walking out the driveway, turning right, we head up and up to thousands and thousands of acres of BLM land where we can hike this trail for hours and see no other people; this is the territory of the mountain lions, coyotes and bears, we know our presence is barely tolerated: we don’t loiter.


Now I hike up there with two dogs once again. It took a couple of years to be able to go up there. To stop seeing Ally everywhere. Mostly, it’s been because our rescue dog named Seymour  makes the hike fun, once again.

4 thoughts on “Lin’s Blog

  1. Hi Lin,
    It has been so long ! How are you? Congratulations on your books.
    It seems as though you are living sort of near us. We now live in La Quinta, CA, the other desert !
    It would be fun hearing from you sometime.
    Bless you, Lin.

  2. Wow!!!!!!! Boy am I impressed. Can I tell people You Know ME?

    Your home is lovely but does it get lonesome? How far are you from other dwellings?

    I am so happy for you to have such a happy and successful life. No one deserves it more.


    • Ha! Thanks Shirley- lonesome? No, not at all-when we need more people around, we head to the central coast of California-Pismo Beach-quite beautiful. It is the end of the road to be sure but there are neighbors- yes-each lot is 10 acres or thereabouts.

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