Malthus Revisited

Critique: The fourth novel in author Lin Wilder's popular Lindsey McCall series, "Malthus Revisited combines the innovative medical research with a new and terrifying threat to the world's population that is a biological time bomb. "Malthus Revisited" adds a dystopian element to the evolving Lindsey McCall mystery series. With an underlying premise and theme that could be plucked from tomorrow's newspaper headlines, "Malthus Revisited" is a superbly crafted and reader riveting read from cover to cover. While especially and unreservedly recommended for community library Contemporary Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Malthus Revisited" is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $7.99). Source: Midwest Book Review.

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About the Book
Winner IAN 2017 Book of the Year Award for Mystery
Finalist NN Light Book Award
“When you read Lin Wilder, you pretty much know what you are going to
get: writing of the highest quality, from an incredibly learned professional
author, and The Fragrance Shed By A Violet falls firmly into this category.
I’ve recently read this and its sequel Do you Solemnly Swear? A Nation of
Law: The Dark Side, albeit in the wrong order, and have, on both occasions,
been awestruck by the depth of Wilder’s knowledge.” — Matt

Eighteen-year-old Morgan Gardner did not seem like someone who could save the world—unless you took the time to notice her eyes. And most people didn’t.

Morgan’s exceptional gifts were known only to her and to the animals she could understand better than people. For a long time, she told no one about her nightmares. Embarrassed and afraid that no one would believe her, Morgan waited until it was almost too late. Then she confided in her mom’s best friend, Dr. Lindsey McCall.

Lindsey and her husband Rich had worked hard to reestablish their lives and careers after their last harrowing escapade. Relocated in a beautiful California home and newly reunited with Lindsey’s biological daughter LJ, all seemed to be going smoothly—until an enemy from their past returned with as deadly a plan as they could imagine.

The fourth novel in Lin Wilder’s popular Lindsey McCall series is her best one yet—combining the innovative medical research her readers have come to admire with a new and terrifying threat to the world’s population: a biological timebomb. Vivid characters old and new rampage across the continents of Europe, Asia, and the U.S. to stop the contagion, picking up steam as they head toward a life-or-death climax in the remote Qinghai province of China.

Malthus Revisited adds a dystopian element to Wilder’s evolving Lindsey McCall mystery series, and is guaranteed to captivate both her loyal fans and eager newcomers to its last riveting page.

Rooting unpredictable twists and tensions with an entertaining family saga- ‘Malthus Revisited- The Cup of Wrath’ is a well rounded, strong stand alone book 4 in the Lindsey McCall Series. After striving hard and battling demons of the past, Rich Jansen and Dr Lindsey reestablish a peaceful life in the coast of California and bond with Lindsey’s biological daughter LJ and her gawky friend Morgan. Morgan finds it hard to deal with her exceptional gifts and confides in Dr Lindsey McCall sharing her secrets, that she believed no one would ever understand and accept. Engaging readers on many levels with supernatural undertones saturating the narrative, author Lin Wilder immaculately weaves together the seemingly distinct plot strands that bring Lindsey and Rich face to face with their most horrid reality- an enemy from the past. Author Lin Wilder does not let herself lose the basic threads of mystery thriller and has kept every chapter fresh and fluid as the story continues to unfold with overflowing leaps of scientific logic and compelling world building embedded with an engaging cast of fairly diverse characters- new and old. ‘Malthus Revisited- The Cup of Wrath’ is a 5 star read that doles out Lindsey McCall’s adventures and thrills evenly and is sure to keep its long time fans as well as newcomers gripped, excited and speculating for more to come.
Another addictive page-turner by Lin Wilder. For the uninitiated reader, you won't realize how great these books are until you start one. This book stands alone as a fantastic story and yet still carries forth as the latest great work in the Lindsay McCall series. The threat of global annihilation by disease is all too real and grips the reader. The author has the gift of taking the reader and putting them headlong into a story. You find you can't easily stop as you are craving the knowledge of what comes next. I loved the character of Morgan the savant almost as much as I loved the flawed character of Joe. The 'surprise' near the end bodes well for another epic in the series to carry forth with a new focus. A tight, griping tale with a terrific ending. 5+ stars. I would recommend this book to anyone. This exciting tale harkens back to the classic suspense and action of Grisham at his best. My Rating: 5+ stars
Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath by Lin Wilder is a dystopian novel that is the perfect example of a thriller and a mystery all rolled into one. This is the fourth novel in the series; however, I had no issues with catching up or finding my rhythm. The novel follows multiple story lines, but the author handles them with great care and artistry. Lin Wilder did an amazing job in showing different stories and making them all connect perfectly. Fast paced and tremendously developed, the story is riveting. The novel has compelling characters, especially Lindsey and Morgan. These two women are depicted to be strong, emotional, both fighters and human. I enjoyed the fact that they were as close to reality as possible. They seemed to come to life on the pages and I thoroughly enjoyed their journey and their progress. And don’t even start me on the end!!! This book is simply amazing.
"Malthus Revisited" has won the Silver/2nd Place award in the 2018 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program for the Women's Fiction category! Congratulations! We had a HUGE response to our annual awards program, with many excellent books vying for top places. Your title rose to the top and you should be quite proud."
Can't recommend this book enough! I haven't shared too much of the chain of events because it is so tightly woven and complex but if you are a lover of mystery, thrillers and medical-themed stories, don't miss reading Lin Wilder! Highly recommended!
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