Sleeping With Seymour-Our Lab/ Pug Mix Rescue Dog

“This is the new dog?  I thought you wanted another Dobie?” “Yes, this is Seymour. Yes, I did want another Doberman.” Kori, owner of the dog food store called Max’s, smiled as she looked at my new boy who looks as if maybe one day-maybe- his body will catch up to his big lab head, … [Read more]

Could You Do That? Sacrifice Yourself?

“Could you do that?” The implication of the question: “Could you sacrifice yourself? My friend and I were watching the recently released film, Megan Leavey and were asking one another if we could lead a platoon of marines as they crossed an IED riddled land which looks like the face of the moon: Afghanistan. The true story … [Read more]

The Good Shepherd

On this Feast of the Good Shepherd, I think of a hike I took up in the mountains behind our home here in the high desert about two years ago. The lone lamb suddenly appeared in the brush and then raced  into the high desert running as fast as she could, both  dogs close to … [Read more]

Our Adopted Dog Seymour

In just over four months, our adopted dog Seymour has taken up residence in our hearts. Even our other dog Shadow, who wasn’t all that crazy about his new four-footed roommate, protects him when he needs it. This little guy who evokes curiosity from most of the humans he meets is a remarkable combination of … [Read more]