Looking for Heroes in All the Wrong Places

We have all spent time doing it: Looking for heroes in all the wrong places. Our movies and music reflect and sometimes magnify that desire to find someone who is an authentic hero. While watching Wonder Woman, we love imagining a woman with extraordinary physical and mental abilities. Maybe even a little identification with her. … [Read more]

Hacked By A Bored but Creative Pole

Sometime last night, a very bored  Polish individual decided to write and then publish a post in Polish on my Lin Wilder site. In case you are curious, the headline was: Troska o fasadę oraz czystość which translates to: “Concern for the facade and the cleanliness.” The remainder of the content was advertising copy for a company called Graffiti … [Read more]

The Labor of Obedience

Obedience: For many years, the word was a lightning rod to me. The concept connoted all that I disliked about being female: Powerless, submissive, conformance, passivity and the like.  But then I became a Christian Catholic and a few years later, an Oblate of St. Benedict. And that word, like so many others in the … [Read more]