Holy Week In Half Moon Bay

Holy Week In Half Moon Bay

The last couple of months  have been filled with difficulties-ranging from trivial to awful. And so we decided to spend Holy Week and Easter weekend down here.

I was dreading yet another series of “firsts”; this RV suffused with memories of our boy, now gone, the 4 mile walk along the ocean that the boys and I took so many times while on holiday down here over the last several years. Both Shadow and I had lots of trouble last night with those parts of this RV that were Ally’s…I could see Shadow carefully avoiding them…tough to do in less than 750 square feet but he managed.

And this morning, I knew Shadow and I had to do the walk along the beachfront that the 3 of us had done countless times. The first 2 miles were tough. I kept “seeing” all the places my always enthusiastic Doberman would race up to..as if this were the absolute most exciting hole that any being had ever discovered and the people who would stop the dogs and me to smile at  us but so frequently do a double take at Ally, his beauty and Dobie “smile.”

But once we got to the end of the first 2 miles, awareness dawned on me that this is Holy Week…and that the silence I keeping thinking I hear from God is not silence at all. He is all around me and Shadow as he shows us  the beauty of His seas, the incoming surf as it crashes against the rocks, the yellow, pink, orange and purple spring flowers that I had not noticed before; suffused with gratitude for His prodigious gifts…the sudden and overwhelming awareness of the gifts of health, the desire to exercise, the connection between my feeling of well being and the 4 mile walk.

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