Our Fool Proof Prospecting System

Our Foolproof Marketing System by Dr. Lin Wilder

Brand new to network marketing?

Unsure about how to begin?

Working with someone in your on-line business who is not able to willing to teach you the ropes?

Afraid to pick up the phone and talk with people about your business?

Being told by friends and relatives that you it’s impossible to make money on-line?


If any of this statements describe you then Lin Wilder’s practical, down to earth approach to building an on line business is for you. Wilder writes in a simple, easy to understand style; her advice is based on her own experience- In Our Fool Proof Prospecting System, she gives you  real tools to help you.


Here are the Chapters:

Chapter One: If You Thirst, The River Will Come to You.
Chapter Two: Ok, Who Do I Call?
Chapter Three: Cold Calling Made Fun?
Chapter Four: Cold Calling Made Fun, Really?
Chapter Five: The Close
Chapter Six: Summary
In only seventy-eight pages, in her book, Our Foolproof Prospecting System, Dr. Lin Wilder provides the fundamentals of getting started in an on-line business. Targeted to network marketers, this little book provides honest, practical tips about the entire recruitment process beginning with the initial conversation through the close.
Her chapters on leads and how to judge them is based on her 15 year experience in the business.
There is even a chapter which Wilder’s customers have commented on: The inspirational section about “The River” continues to inspire and be uplifting–we all have slow days and discouragement in this business,and it really helps to have something to “pick yourself up,
dust yourself off and start all over again” with!
Here is a recent review:
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Amazing, I’ve learned more about handling prospect in the last few days from this handy little book than in the last three years of listening to CDs and practicing all methods of verbal requiting. Chapter 5 was the key. I too was told that “we are not selling”
Thank you Dr. Lin Wilder

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