Remember Medical Mystery Thriller, Do You Solemnly Swear?

I told Mark Kamish that his interpretation of the characters in Do You Solemnly Swear? A Nation of Law- The Dark Side was superb. I’ve now listened to about 30 minutes of a story that feels new. Mark is close to completing his narrative interpretation of Gabe McAllister, Lindsey McCall, Rich Janson and the other … [Read more]

Being Versus Action: Reflection

The tension between ‘Being’ and ‘Action’ is fundamental. We know the importance of balance in our work and the need to take time to simply ‘be.’ But for many of us, like Martha in the Gospel, activity is what we do, essential to our nature. Recently the razor’s edge between activity and non-action has cut … [Read more]

Number 12- Brady

A friend from church decided to give me Brady’s Pro Ball 2014 shirt several weeks ago. The shirt sits on proud display in our hallway to be brought out when a friend with an interest in football visits. Or sometimes those with no interest. Joe , giver of the shirt, joined us for one of … [Read more]

CS Lewis and Rahner

Most likely they never met. But the atheist turned Anglican Christian CS Lewis and the Roman Catholic Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner perceived their God in radically similar ways. Both men served as apologists for their faith causing more than a little consternation in the minds of more rule bound colleagues. “I think all Christians would … [Read more]

Politics of the Common Good

The word politics has gained an almost entirely negative and pejorative meaning when used by many of us in these days of scandal, corruption and greed. Perhaps there was a time when politics as noun or  adjective meant something other than a snipe but not in my lifetime. And so it was with great interest … [Read more]